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The Forest of The West (Description)

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The Forest of The West (Description) Empty The Forest of The West (Description)

Post by Swayer on Wed Jun 04, 2014 1:09 am

The Forest of The West

Located in District one, toward the west of Central City, secluded from all, and hidden behind one of the various mountains of "Desolutes" lies this lush terrain. Actually being nameless it is simply referred to as "The Forest of The West". Much of the reason it remains nameless is because many believe this location a myth. It is a location that is hard to come by. The mountain which surrounds it may take several days to climb just to make this place visible from afar.

Myth goes that the final battle for Edeos was fought here five hundred years ago when it was ruled by the dictating king who was called "Supreme-ruler Sabourus Haister" prior to the lands division into five Districts. It is said carious craters were made as an aftermath of a devastating attack which won the war for "The Legion" and killed thousands of warriors on both sides. As the years passed and at an almost unnatural rate plant life began to grow. It grew so vastly and quick that now a lush terrain of exotic and rare plant life is what has become of the crater.

But the truth of this location is that it is far from a myth, and once found by someone it is a pleasant site to behold. Lush exotic plant life lies here. Flowers and herbs of various arrays decorate the terrain; some deadly and poisonous and other nonfatal and with the ability to serve as components in healing remedies. This is the partial reason such herbs and flowers sell for a high price in any market. Not many know on how to find this place and for the few that do, these exotic plant life is the reason they guard this places location like as if though it were a holy place.

Lush, green trees as tall as three-hundred feet can be seen blanketing several parts of the forest. Their beauty and their stature is eye catching as they seem to reach up towards the sky and touch it gracefully. The trees surround several small streams and ponds which they just seem to add on to the already attractive view of the clear water which reflects all it gazes upon. Gentle rainfall, glistening sun, dual mooned gleaming night, or majestic morning; whatever the case beauty is a constant in this mystical forest.

But with its beauty also comes its dangers, for animals of unknown origin and of unknown intentions roam the land. Some seem capable enough of taking on a strong army man, capable of ripping stone and biting through bone. Although others animals do share a tender appearance, one which seems to almost welcome anyone to the location. But regardless, whether it is a flying animal, a land dweller, or even a water creature their true nature and capabilities is unknown so precaution seems to follow.

The Forest of The West (Description) Giphy1_zpsd7c52d61

The Forest of The West (Description) Uodlpa30eae
The Forest of The West (Description) Uaodpl31c1e
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