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District One: Central City (Description)

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District One: Central City (Description) Empty District One: Central City (Description)

Post by Swayer on Wed Jun 04, 2014 1:33 am

District One: Central City

This is the Core of Central, centrals pride and joy; it's a vivacious city. Clear clouds usually accompany this city, but on rare occasions dazzling rainfall envelopes the city. Rays of lively sun or a parade of dancing rain, whatever be the case all those who live in this city refer to it as a wondrous sight. At night the dual golden moons of Edeos ray down their golden beauty and shine down upon all those fortunate enough to see it as the stars dazzle around it, adding to its already luxurious beauty.

The city thrives with all forms and type of beings; if they have the money that is. For good reason they refer to this district as the District of the wealthy. Attire of superb quality and trade of all kind is seen here. Not many people are seen with a frown in this city as all are friendly and respectful to one another. Although the wealthy refer to this place as their home, various visitors from other Districts do come and visit this city and trade what they have in Centrals open market.

The city shines with cleanliness. The clear white streets and sidewalks seem clean of any form of debris; even the trash cans seem oddly clean and empty. Cleanliness seems to be a delight and pride of this city. Even the windows radiate a clear reflection free of even a minute smudge; window shopping seems to be an obvious delight for those partaking in it.

All the edifices seem to be made out of a fine marble like stone; pure white in color with lovely sporadic streaks of gray. A store on every corner seems to decorate the city as tall buildings adorn the rest as homes. Even luxurious hotels seem to be part of this large cities income as they rise high into the sky and seem to be beautifully architected with beautifully crafted statues decorating the front steps bringing the hotels "good luck". It is said that the District Leader of District One visits this city on a bi-weekly bases and sleeps in these luxurious hotels, but that may just be a false statement created to bring in customers.

The Elite also "walk the street". The elite are superb warriors handpicked by The District One Leader to patrol and make sure that no one is causing trouble. Not truly seen until trouble arises it is believed that they "walk the streets" by traveling through shadows; but this is just a belief created by the populace to offer reason to the reasonless and make these beings seem less than holy.
But when seen an Elites face is covered by a white masks which seem to depict a man enraged beyond that of anger: eyes filled with furry with peep holes which just allow the irises to be seen and holes around the nose area for the wearer to breath. Aside from that the mask showcases a mouth which seems to frown with rage. They also wear black hooded cloaks which hides their attire and weaponry from the site of other beings. What is beneath the cloak is left to wonder by all.
They are feared warriors not just because of the scary masks or the fact that they were chosen from the District One Leader himself, but because of the enigmatic trail that follows them.

District One: Central City (Description) Giphy1_zpsd7c52d61

District One: Central City (Description) Uodlpa30eae
District One: Central City (Description) Uaodpl31c1e
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District Leader/Co-Administrator

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