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Character Draft: Emile!

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Character Draft: Emile! Empty Character Draft: Emile!

Post by Ghost-Kreep on Thu Jul 31, 2014 3:58 am


Name: Emile “Phantom” Phasma

Age: 17

District of Origin: District Four

Rank: Leader

Race: Perfect Hybrid

Spell List:

Spell 1: Blade/Forma Change (Not Final): The Caster is able to manipulate his weapon to alter it’s lenght, sharpness, and other components to his liking. (Cost: 10-50)Energy depending on alterations.)


Spell 2: Ignition: The caster Envelopes his weapon with magical essence and upon release, a strong pressure/force is created and directed towards one’s foe, the blast is similar to an explosion to an extent, lacking smoke, or even flames end result. The range of the blast is short, Ten feet Radius. (Cost: 20-30) Energy)

Spell 3: White Lightning/Discharge: Lightning begins to envelop the sword, or other metal tools, and circulate through the blade, by hitting other conductors the lightning is released and begin to run through the struck item. One is also able to release the enclosed surge of lightning from all sides of the object, and harm anything within it’s 3 foot radius. (35 Energy Cost)

Spell 4: Blitz: This spell allows the user to “Jump” from one place to another( Five foot radius?) and leaves an after-image that slowly becomes distorted (Gone in Five seconds).(20 Energy Cost)

Spell 5: Mage’s Cap: One hat becomes three, and by directing the end of the main cap the user is able to catch an opponent's attack and release the blast from one of the other two hats. The Main is usually kept in hand, while the other two hover around the wielder unil thrown, or placed elsewhere. (30 Energy initial use, Half-of the energy of attack cost will also be lose by caster, and the released attack is at half it’s initial power)

Special Skills:

Skill 1: Cero’s Eyes (Eyes of Truth):

Emile’s Eyes become a golden hue, and his pupil becomes an X. This grants the youth the ability to see Aura around those around him, granted nothing more but the ability to see the truth in people, If their aura becomes unstable then the person isn’t being truthful. With these eyes as well, he can see the “Darkness” in people, those with pure hearts have a lighter Aura, while those have lived the life of doing wrong have darker shade.

District Abilities.

District One: To be Added.

District Two: “ “

District Three: See Spell List.

District Four: “ “

District Five: “ “

Elemental Skills:

To be Added.


Phasma Dagger:

His Final Possession that connects him to his roots, other than his Diamond Yin-Yang Necklace, Once his father’s and now under his control. The blade itself is capable of speaking to the youth, and even turning to a young female. In it’s normal state the dagger is old, rusty, with torn bandages on the hilt. The guard has a crescent shape, and above it, the blade’s invert slightly to touch a Diamond crest, and above the crest revert back to normal. The crest also holds A yin-Yang patter. Within the Maiden forma, She has fair skin, Long black hair that fell over her cheeks, and a short ponytail on the side of her head. Her irises are a light violet, and large eyes for her small, youthful face. Her garbs consist of a simple purple sundress and sandals.

The Dagger itself doesn’t hold any magical properties other than guiding the youth through life, and being his secretary. She’s calm, wise, and loving. This is Emile’s Main weapon, and uses his Forma Spell on it.

Twin Gears: Worn on his Bracelets, Emile removes the two, and uses them as throwing stars, with his forma change he’s capable of making the ends sharp, and capable of penetration. Wire, Thin, are attached for quick retrieval after thrown, or strategy.

Character Description:

As a Mage, A wizard’s cap is a staple to Emile’s Wardrobe, He keeps, Black Goggles at the rim of his hat to make it different from others, which also compliments the eggshell color of it. His locks are a light silver, which messily fall all over his Fair face, at times covering his youthful face, and sapphire irises. He keeps the back into a small ponytail using a black band. Around his neck the Diamond/Yin-Yang Insignia of his family, the Phasma. Along with his childish charm, his body is also a small build, he stands at a mere 5’6, and weighs around 140 pounds. He enjoys wearing, sleeveless hoodies, underneath a light violet dress shirt, matching his blade’s Maidenform, He also wears black jeans, along with matching boots. He switches his garbs, a bit, at times he’ll sport a Violet Jacket, and Black shirt underneath and Black, fingerless gloves. Twin belts are also worn at all time in an “x” fashion, more for style than to keep his bottoms up. His appearance is deceiving, and people tend to look down at him, but don’t be mistaken by his small frame, or baby-face, he’s keeps his body fit and well tpones with lean muscle.

Personality: Rather Impatient, and loathes being within closed quarters. Emile is constantly on the move, and when he’s not he enjoys being in the open, watching the clouds, and enjoying every second of life. He can be loud, and quick-tempered, but manages to be patient and observant of people and the things around him. At times believes it was a mistake to be a leader, and doubts he’ll do a well enough job like his beloved predecessor, but seeks to keep calm and peace seeking nature of his district, avoiding conflict at all times. He’s well mannered and respects everyone, and all in all just enjoys having fun.


Though within battle, He’s tries to keep calm, and collected. He observes his opponent closely and his surroundings. At times he’ll make the first move just to “test” his opponents, but his real weakness is when he allows his emotions guide his actions. When something important, or even his pride is hurt, he’ll lose composure and make more mistakes attacking without thinking thoroughly, and acting on just instinct.


To be Added, really, really soon.

Character Draft: Emile! Sasuke-tsukuyomi-o
District Leader/Co-Administrator
District Leader/Co-Administrator

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