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Rough Draft of Stein

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Rough Draft of Stein Empty Rough Draft of Stein

Post by Swayer on Wed Aug 06, 2014 4:21 am

Name: Stein "The Elementalist"  Woolfvaine
District of Origin: District One
Rank: Leader (District One Leader)
Age: 522 (Appears early to Mid Twenties)
Race: Vampire (Former Human)
Special Skill:
1) *Devil's Eye (Cost 50 energy per use)

On the palm of his left hand he has a Demonic looking eye with a snake like vermilion colored iris which has the capability to (seemingly) suck up all ELEMENTAL based attacks directed at him (if the palm is faced at the incoming attack.)

2.) *Elemental flow (Cost 100 energy + 10 for each post ability remains in effect per attack)

This skill allows Stein to change the directionality of his elemental based attack. He  can physically bend the attack in any direction he wants and make it pursue his enemy.

3.) *Puppet Show (Cost 150 energy + 20 for each post ability remains in effect per "puppet")

By using his elemental attacks he can temporarily mold them into a being (of his imaginary choosing), and send them off to do his battling, although he can also choose to team up with them.

4.) *Revamp (Cost 200 energy, lasts a total of 6 posts)

Revamp allows Stein to use his elements as weapons, or as enhancements of his own.
For example he can create a sword out of fire or even shroud his weapon in water. The only catch is he must know the element before using it.
District Abilities: (20 Energy per usage)

District One Skill: He is a dual user of his Districts ability.
Having both the Passive and Aggressive versions of Trade of.
Trade off being a skill in which an X amount of stat point are distributed onto the characters original stats for an x amount of time.
The passive version allows you to Distribute it to comrades.
While the aggressive version allows you to distribute it upon yourself.
Having reached the max leveling of the District ability he has 6 stat points he can distribute as he wishes for up to 5 turns (Five posts upon activation).

District Two:  - N/A

District Three: N/A (Can't learn skill from District Three - District Threes ability is a genetic trait.)

District Four: - To Be added.

District Five: - N/A
Weakness: Beheading Is the only way he can be killed (although bodily harm still affects him as if though he were human - just can't kill him). Being a Vampire he's already lifeless so to speak, and all he needs is rest to replenish from his wounds which slowly heal up.
More mortally based wounds require a longer rest than others.

Drawn out battles are his weakness in combat.  
Although good at close range combat he's more secure going at it via battles which don't include much hand to hand combat; preferring to use elemental based attacks or even weapons of any sort in battle. This forces him to use his energy far quicker than a majority of other fighters, a drawn out battles can force him to deplete his energy completely and leave him open for an enemies attack.
Elemental Skill(s): (10 energy per attack)

*Fire (From Mouth):  From His Mouth  he can shoot a stream of intensely hot purple/bluish flames.

*Water (From Raising Hands): From Raising his hands he is capable of manipulation water and using it as his (such as a puddle, lake, or various other variations of it.)

*Wind (From Thrusting Hands): Upon Thrusting his hands he's capable of shooting forth a strong gust of winds, capable of matching the wind speed of up to 300 miles per hour. In some occasion the wind can even be made into a sharp attack which cuts even rock surpassing the speed of sound but being visible as a translucent "ripple" in the sky.
Weapon(s): (5 energy per Melee/Weapon based attack)
[Description Pending]

*Two Spear: ~Currently under creation~

*Ten Throwing Knives: ~Currently Under Creation~

* A Pair of Gauntlet Blades: A pair of steel gauntlets which are lightweight but strong enough to catch a blade and not dent. They extend all the way down to his forearms and up to his fingers. They are amethyst in color and on the palm area they have The Word "District" and right beneath that the roman Numeral One; signifying his allegiance to District One.
On the side of the gauntlets it has a curved blade on it reaching all the way from the right side of his hand to the midsection of his forearm. The blade itself is a clear silver in color and looks incredibly shard. It has been said it is strong enough to cut stone with a single stroke.
On the four front knuckles are clear signs of protruding spikes which if hit by can deal a decent amount of damage to even a seasoned fighter.
Personality: He is cold but civilized when among others; usually blunt towards them upon his ideals. Although not narrow minded to worthwhile viewpoints, whatever he perceives as idiotic or weak; he shall call anyone upon it.
Aside from these almost narcissistic qualities he just desires the peace of the land. He can be friendly to those he views as worthy people and even refers to them as brethren and friends (mainly to his fellow Legionnaires: the District Leaders, like himself).
To him the prosperity of the kingdom is all that matters, therefore in his view the unison of the Five Districts must be solid.  So to make sure that this is so, he even had a Tower for him and his Fellow Legionnaires to meet if the Five Districts were to ever come together and have a meeting.
Living a long Time he fought in the "Great Revolt" in which a dictator ran the land as a king. Never wishing to return to this after the Seat of "District One Leader" was given to him by his Teacher and Mentor he promised to never let the land war so violently again. Due to this he holds great respect of the land and it's Five Districts,  and whoever defies the Districts in his eyes must perish.

In battle he almost seems calculating and ruthless. He dislikes drawn out battles, because to him they are meaningless. So to combat this he uses up far more energy and and long ranged weaponry as opposed to others. He believes that close range battles  last too long and give your opponent the ability to read you.
But in case a foe ever were to come into his vicinity he has created Gauntlets with Blades attached to the outer side of each, making his lack of skill at hand to hand combat seem obsolete as his skill in weapons combat takes over.

*Hair: He has jet black hair which is usually center parted in the middle (when he is not in combat. If extended upon his faced it'd obscure half of it, for his hair reaches a few centimeters below his eyes.
Whenever in battle he slicks back his hair, so it doesn't get in his face and obscure his vision in combat.

*Face: He has an aesthetic, youthful visage despite his old age. He has a strong detailed chino him and he seems fairly young, within his early to mid twenties. This is due to the fact that he died at the young age of twenty-two and once revived as a Vampire by his master he hasn't ages, or at least doesn't appear to. He has no facial hair to him and doesn't even seem to ever have had any with a sleek look to his chin and lip area.
He has calm looking eyes with purple irises to them. His eyes seem to look into into your soul whenever he takes on a serious expression, almost adding a heavy intensity to his eyes.
Although rare to him he does smile, and whenever he does so it seems like a sincere one with a heartfelt vibe to it. His teeth seem perfectly aligned and whenever he needs to he protrudes his "Vampire Teeth" out, although he rarely does so.
*Body: He is a lean and muscular man with an average height to him. He has a scar on his chest right where his heart is located. The result of of a fatal attack which was the result of his death in the "Great Revolt." He has a tattoo on His right shoulder with the words "Sector One". The origin of this tattoo is a mystery to many, although it's speculated he got it during the "Great Revolt" to showcase his platoon in the Revolt; but to this day he's told no one of it's origin.
Height: 180.34 cm (5'11" - Five Feet Eleven Inches)
Weight: 81.646 (180 Pounds.)
Bio: [under construction]

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