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Really, Rough Draft Cero

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Really, Rough Draft Cero Empty Really, Rough Draft Cero

Post by Ghost-Kreep on Sat Aug 09, 2014 7:17 pm

Character Draft

Name: Cero “The Golden” Azuel.

Age: 55

Race: Pure Mage

District of Origin: District Four

Rank: Leader (Deceased)

Spell List: N/A

District Abilities: N/A

Weapon: N/A

Character Description: Golden locks fall over his cheeks, as the rest is kept neatly tied in a pony-tail. He wears a Black Top Hat, and spectacles strapped on the bottom. Whiskers rest on his chin. His optics a rare golden shade. A single scar rest across his right cheek, giving his fair face a roughed look. His garbs consist of a simple black cloak, with plain black garbs underneath, and , onix sandals are  worn.

Personality: He wears an undying smile, that warms the hearts of those around him. His soft voice is calm, strong, and always Coherent being able to enlighten those around him. All in all he had an Aura, Vibe that made him respected, and Lovable. A brilliant tactician that loss very few men in his battles. He was always a man to protect those around him,playing the role of the hero, even to the point of using his own body as a shield. He loved peace, and only drew his weapon to protect, his warm heart spared many lives. He De-voided his heart of petty things such as grudges, and pointless anger. Though by all means did this mean he wasn’t ever seen angered: This side of the man was only seen by a few, and they cannot tell the tale of the brutes shift of personality.

Bio: Born the first male  of the Azuel He was cared for and trained in the ways of a first class Mage. He was a Pure Mage, and that made him Royalty. Back before his reign, The Pure Were the highest form of mage, while Blade mage the lowest as one was born with magical capabilities, and the latter could only use magic within weapons. He was brought up in a proper manor, he was destined to become a leader, and he was raised in that fashion. Though Cero hated it, and never once wished to follow the path of those who preceded him. Trained in many arts, and mastery of his Magic he quickly rose to become the leader at the age of 21, and his first movement was to destroy the pointless hatred between his people. He made everything accessible to all, and left no one in the side-lines, though it took time, his little district showed no more signs of discrimination between the two  and thus the Hybrid age was Born.  When the time came, he built a shelter for his people, and only took handful of warriors to war. He never viewed his men as lesser than he, and always treated each as valuable member, like mentioned before he would even risk his own life in order protect those around him. His death can at a surprise to everyone, assassinated by one of his closest friends, before he took his final breath  he entrusted his only disciple several spells(Through magic means).   (I’ll re-do this in three parts, youth, mid-life, and death, This is the jist so we can work with it, and fill in as we please during the bout. Outline so we have something to work with. )

Really, Rough Draft Cero Sasuke-tsukuyomi-o
District Leader/Co-Administrator
District Leader/Co-Administrator

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