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Savage Sahara Description

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Savage Sahara Description Empty Savage Sahara Description

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 24, 2014 5:40 pm

The Savage Sahara is District Three's harsh desert. By day and night this wasteland experiences two different extremes, scorching heat and freezing cold. The temperature of both being so severe that when ever the wind picks up, stray flames and dry ice soar through the air. Many adventurers have traveled here solely in pursuit of the exotic oasis; The Oasis of the Dueling Dragons.

The Dueling Dragons Oasis has been reached by very little. So little that the current District Leader blocked off the Sahara zone from the weak in order to reduce casualties. Now only those above level 25 or at least accompanied with one, may enter. It is said that once the oasis is reached you will find the purest water and finest fruits of all of the land, the calmest air, and best blend of temperatures. The Dueling Dragon Oasis is believed to be a sunken island from the heavens.

Though the real death bringer may be the intense weather, but the it is also reported that the original dueling dragons still fight to this day. Those caught between their epic battle will without doubt be obliterated. Only those level 50 or higher can hope to stand a chance against their wrath.

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