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The Owari: The Basics.

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The Owari: The Basics. Empty The Owari: The Basics.

Post by Ghost-Kreep on Wed Sep 10, 2014 6:05 pm

The Owari.

The Owari Consist of Seven Rings that constantly keep evolving as the wearers grow. Boosting their overall abilities, and physical capabilities. Each Owari awakens a “flame” inside the individual granting them supernatural powers. The “Flames” can be manifested as a destructive force as well, another weapon for Owari users. Each ring is different and boost different abilities for the users. The Seven are: Sky, Storm, Rain, Sun, Cloud, and Mist. They have great destructive force and as such in the wrong hands they can prove deadly, but to keep order the Cielo Family’s successor is given the set and allowed to choose six trusted comrades to wield them.

The Owari of Sky: The Harmony; The Balance. When The Owari is Awakened the user becomes devoid of emotion. His head is clear, and acts on strategy rather than emotion.

The Wielder is able to release two types of flames, a weak flame that can allow flight or keep one in stance. The second acts like true flames and can be used for destructive power. The users flame is Orange.

The Owari of Storm: The Disintegration. This flame breaks apart and turns items it touches to ash. The Color to the flame is Red.

The Owari of Rain: The Tranquility. Unlike the Sky, This Owari Flame’s properties are closer to that of water. The wearer is able to rob foes of their strengths and movement, and even release the flame as water, or Ice if the user is strong enough: to slow down opponents and attack. This Flame is a darker Blue.

The Owari of Sun: The Activation. This is a supporting Owari. It allows the user to heal those around them or even boosting their physical strength. He’s capable of using them on himself as well, but this flame isn’t meant for direct combat. This Flame is a bright yellow.

The Owari of Lightning: The Hardening. Like Rain this is more similar to lighting properties rather than flames. This allows the user to harden and increase the firmness of objects, and usually a defensive flame, but as flames is allows the user to cut through object or electrocute like lightning. This Flame is Green.

The Owari of Cloud: The Propagation. This user is able to enlarge objects and multiply them to his liking. This Flame is Purple.

The Owari of Mist: The Construction. The Illusionist. The mist allows the user to create illusions of all kind to mess with foes sense, but skilled mist users can create weak, soft, real illusions for weak defensive, and weak attacks. This flame is pale white.

CopyCat Owari:Through the years, The owari have been lost and regained, but in their absence the Owari were duplicated, and multiple fakes have been spread across the lands. Though these Owari come in all seven forms, they are weaker than their true forms as they cannot “Evolve”.

Split Owari: When Two Cielo’s of close age are both chosen as successors, the Main Owari are split in two and they both must find their comrades and compete against each other for full control of the Owari’s true power.





A Famiglia is a Family either by blood or close comrades. Famiglias have become large groups that either work to keep order or cause dismay. Thanks to the Owari, The cielo’s are capable to keep things in check for several years, but there’s many that wish to destroy them. Famiglia’s names steam from their Leader’s Surname. Such a the Cielio Mentioned Before.


Weapons and Tool:

Tools and Weapons are standard with nothing special about them, but one is able to channel their “Flame” and release them via their weapons to add to their power, or use their flm on them. Some Famiglia’s wield specific weapons, while others are free to use anything they please.




Niji is the name of a select group of seven that have lost their Adulthood and Have become children. Around each Niji is a pacifier that match the Owari flames, but the essence of the pacifiers are unknown.

Any Question? Feel Free to ask. Just a side Project.

The Owari: The Basics. Sasuke-tsukuyomi-o
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