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District Two Rough Draft.

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District Two Rough Draft. Empty District Two Rough Draft.

Post by Ghost-Kreep on Sat Sep 13, 2014 3:13 am

District Two Draft

The Technology. The future is here, and it just keeps evolving at an outstanding pace. This District is unlike any other, and everything is years ahead of the other districts: their medicine is superb, robots roam the streets, and even their weapons are unlike anything anyone has ever seen.

Stellar Band: Everyone in this district, Fighter or not, has this long bracelet that expands half of one’s forearm. One is able to flip it open to reveal dual screens, to normal people these are used for calls, messaging, and other things a simple smartphone is capable or more. The Warriors Stellar Band is capable of one extra power and allows one to materialize a suit around the user or a weapon.

Ryusei Suits: These are a made of a strong spandex material, and grant the user incredible trait that allows them to fight on par with other districts. At start these suits are nothing but an extra layer of skin, but as one grows one is able to alter the suits as they please adding more armor, weapons, or just overall changing the material. The Traits from the suit can be simple as granting inhuman strength for moments at a time, or firing simple energy beams.

Ryusei Pieces and Weapons: Not a Suit guy? Well District Two has the best weapons around besides suits. Ryusei Pieces are smaller armor attachments, (Example: Armband that can shift to a small blaster that shoots energy blast) and Ryusei weapons are just weapons that are unique to District two.(Example Energy Sword) The weapons themselves also hold unique traits that are a bit stronger than Suit traits.

Traits: I gave example of traits, but just to be clear. Traits can range to a multitude of things. One can fire energy, but one can also release webbing, or create blades from their suit. Traits start out weak and can be upgraded.


Level 1-5: Ryusei Suit with one Trait or Ryusei Piece/Weapon One Trait.

Level 6-10: Upgrade to Suit/piece/weapon or new trait can be gained.

Level 11-20: “ “ or one can add the Ryusei Suit/ or Part/Weapon depending on what was chosen.

Every ten levels after one can upgrade their suit or weapon to their liking.

Elements: One is able to add an elemental upgrade to their suit at any time they get an upgrade, but only one element is accessible to them, unless stated otherwise.

Merc and Attire: One starts out with 1,000 mercs. Other than the stellar band one has freedom to any attire of their liking. Suits can look as one likes, but material cannot be altered.(Unless Upgraded)
Other Stuff: Blank for Now.

District Two Rough Draft. Sasuke-tsukuyomi-o
District Leader/Co-Administrator
District Leader/Co-Administrator

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